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Editor’s note: Freemium – race to the bottom?


Paul Unger

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The freemium model – pay nothing then upgrade to a more powerful paid service - is commonplace in online business services these days and property is no exception. Is that a good or bad thing?

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Editor’s Note: Discover the compound effect of tech

Earning interest on the interest is one of the most tantalising of all financial teachings. Does the modern tech world open the possibility of recreating this famous multiplier effect in the buildings and property ventures we create?

MIPIM 2019 Engaging The Future

Why property is starting to buy tech


Paul Unger

The talk of MIPIM was that property is at last waking up and smelling the tech. Gone are the rounds of insults about dinosaurs who haven’t a clue and geeks that don’t know how the real world works. Instead, proper conversations about actual implementation were being had around the private villas, beach bars and pavilions. Here’s why.

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Editor’s note: Pressing the point

One thing that came up time and again during my first day as a mentor with the latest cohort at Pi Labs, the property innovation accelerator and investor, was how much communication is integral to a startup’s chances of success.

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Why we should stop using Bluetooth to access buildings

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If Apple or Android won’t allow you to buy a simple coffee with Bluetooth technology, why are technology companies rolling out Bluetooth products for vitally important use cases such as access control to your hotel room, your office or even your own home?

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Is it time for construction to go mobile?



Organisations in construction can expect to see productivity gains of up to 15% if they invest in the right technology. Philip Rashleigh of Audacia takes a look at the key reasons for adopting mobile working in the sector.

MVP Group Image Q4 2018

MVPs in the property transformation game



Tech moves fast. Who is keeping up and getting ahead? PlaceTech editor, Paul Unger, names his Most Valuable Players that are progressing the digital transformation of real estate.