Kingma Ka Proptech1 Headshot

Q&A | Kingma Ma, Proptech1 Ventures

Why governments need to talk tech and real estate as a blended subject and how to navigate the daunting landscape of thousands of techie names you have never heard of.

Bogdan Nicoara CEO&Cofounder Bright Spaces

COMMENT | Digital replicas of your next home await online

Digital showcasing for residential real estate comes with its particularities. We are used to photos, videos, or even static 3D tours, but the future brings interactivity and a new suite of features that buyers and developers alike will benefit from, writes Bogdan Nicoara of Bright Spaces.

Propel Station MIPIM 2022

MIPIM | 10 tech themes from the show


Karl Tomusk and Paul Unger in Cannes

What were the emerging trends and hot topics emerging from the week in Cannes, where technology and innovation were hard to miss?

Secure 3d Sg Retransform Office 1024x550

How Retransform uses proptech to ease property management pain

Today’s property management industry faces unprecedented questions about how to reduce carbon while creating places that meet radically changing occupier needs. Retransform, a property management expert with more than two decades experience, uses technology to find the answers.