Matt Gough Mace

Mace: Innovating in an industry with low margins

Matt Gough, director of innovation and work winning at Mace, sat down with Nicola Byrne to talk about the construction group's 2022 strategy and how the firm is innovating in a sector deemed to be behind agriculture in digitisation.

10 themes from FUTURE: PropTech

What was hot on the conference stages and exhibition floor at the biggest ever pure proptech gathering in the UK attended by nearly 2,000 people in London on Tuesday?

Ben Lerner

Entering the M+A arena

Massive valuations in IPOs such as Uber, Lyft and Pinterest show what a seller’s market it is in tech right now and the property side is no exception. Nicola Byrne sat down with Ben Lerner, mergers and acquisitions advisor, to talk about the ripple effect of investment on consolidation and maturity in the proptech industry.

The Change Role Of Valuers

The changing role of…valuers


Nicola Byrne

Automated valuation models are among the emerging technologies predicted to sweep through the industry's professional ranks in the coming years. 

Cybersecurity IoT guide

5 takeaways from KPMG tech leaders survey


Paul Unger

KPMG asked 740 “tech industry leaders” about their innovation priorities and found IoT the biggest likely winner in the next three years and increasing scepticism of artificial intelligence.

Ollie Saunders JLL 2

JLL: How property should help increase decarbonisation

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The UK Government’s Climate Change Committee has recommended the UK goes for a “net-zero” target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. If we have any chance of reaching these targets more needs to be done to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles, writes Ollie Saunders, lead director of alternatives at JLL.