Arup China

Arup partners with PlaceTech to examine logistics outlook

The global property professional services giant has joined the roster of strategic-thinking organisations supporting the current PlaceTech event series. Tom Somers, partnerships and ecosystems lead at Arup, said: “We’re really excited to support PlaceTech’s upcoming Industrial and Logistics event on...

Sarah Cooke Mills And Reeve

How can the CBD survive the pandemic?

We have heard a lot about the future of the high street. What about the future of our central business districts? How are they going to be affected by Covid? Sarah Cooke asks.

Tech Nation Digital Jobs Mailshhot

UK tech jobs rebound after lockdown freeze

Over the last three months, recruitment for tech jobs has quickly recovered from the inevitable slump during lockdown. In fact, according to Tech Nation’s new Jobs and Skills Report 2020, the number of advertised tech job vacancies increased by 36% between June and August. Only the healthcare sector recruited for more jobs in this period, suggesting that tech jobs and skills continue to be a high national priority even as recession hits.

NHS Protect

Invest in tech to protect the NHS

No one disputes that substantial investment in the primary care estate is fundamental to the delivery of world-class patient care and a sustainable NHS, writes Simon Sherwood of Mills & Reeve.

Bright Spaces | What we did after Pi Labs accelerator

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Two months ago, we presented a demo of our 3D office showcasing solution for the first time for an audience of hundreds of people. This was Pi Labs Demo Day 2020, the final event that marked our intense journey in the acceleration programme.