Kirsty Butcher

Mind your language



Trying to get a Plain English explanation of technology can be incredibly frustrating when you don’t know your ASCII from your elbow, writes PlaceTech's Kirsty Butcher.

Cybersecurity IoT guide

Jargon buster: cybersecurity


Alice Cruickshank

There are predicted to be 20bn to 50bn connected objects globally by 2020. One of the best ways to prevent an attack is awareness, so here are some of the words you need to understand.

Singapore Aerial View Cool Tech

Property innovations for a warming planet



An unusually cold winter followed by a near-global heatwave has brought the issue of climate change to the fore. A range of tech is available and in use for stemming emissions and mitigating the effects, as new climate norms emerge.

Paul Unger PlaceTech

EDITOR’S NOTE | Earth Tech

The 'Hothouse Earth' study published by scientists this week rightly gained a lot of media coverage with its alarming warning that we could be heading for a point of no return if the planet warms by so many degrees that humans can no longer control its fate.

Nissan Autonomous Car AV Jargon Buster

Jargon buster: autonomous vehicles


Alice Cruickshank

With the latest predictions showing 1 in 4 journeys could be by autonomous vehicles by 2025, this is a tech trend you can't ignore. If you don't know your level 4 from level 5 AV, read on.