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Michelle Buxton CEO and founder of Toolbox Group, which has two products – Mallcomm and Toolbox Marketing – joins Paul Unger to take the temperature of digital transformation in real estate. This episode is sponsored by Mallcomm. Mallcomm is a 360˚ technology platform for asset and property management. The platform seamlessly connects all built environment communities. By transforming the users’ experience of the space, Mallcomm creates loyalty by connecting people to places while delivering efficient operations, significant budget savings and valuable insights. Mallcomm has 400 properties or 105m sq ft with 400,000 daily users and clients such URW, Brookfield, British Land, Hammerson, and many others.

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Hot takes

  • Buxton is seeing significant growth in investment in tech by property companies
  • Some property firms still have their heads in the sand, but others really do want to change
  • Real estate is changing from product and space to system and service
  • The more data you can get on tenants, the better experience you can give them, and the better your tenant retention rates
  • Bringing operators and consumers back from lockdown in a safe way is vital and using tech tools that enable collaboration will help smooth that change
  • Tech solutions that act as a strong operational platform can bring costs down and help reduce service charges: critical communications, digitalising workflows, and mitigating risk


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