Will blockchain really revolutionise property investment?


Natasha Stokes

If you’ve been following the hype, blockchain has been claimed to do everything from cut down on paperwork to put lawyers out of jobs and create a new paradigm of trust online. Can the technology really revolutionise how property is bought and sold?

Job Titles

5 hot job titles sweeping the property market


Nina Cresswell

It’s never too late to start innovating. Real estate might be taking time to grab the tech bull by its complex horns, but creating new positions during this time of business model disruption can help you ride the wave from the start.

Dandi Li Concrete Investment Fund

Concrete VC completes eight deals in year one


Dandi Li

Founded in late 2016, the first year has been a remarkable journey for Concrete. Supported by our founding partners, Starwood Capital and Seedcamp, we have now successfully established strategic alliances with global leaders in real estate.