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PlaceTech educates professionals working in real estate on the future of their industry. We present the benefits and challenges of adopting innovation through practical case studies, ‘how to’ guides and analysis of the trends changing the industry.

Regular editorial sections

  • Case studies

Show readers what is possible in real estate, to stretch their imaginations and give them examples of buildings or places that do things in new or innovative ways.

Diving into the detail of how innovative buildings have been delivered and the results.

  • Regulation + policy

Raise awareness of regulatory and policy risks to readers’ portfolios, and how tech and new ways of working can mitigate that risk. From net zero carbon and renewable energy to diversity and inclusion, the rersponsibilities property must grapple with are changing all the time. We help you keep up.

  • Changing roles

Helping you stay relevant in your careers and businesses during the tech era encompassing the built environment. How the disciplines within property are evolving and the real estate professionals have affected people’s roles, the skills they need, their daily tasks.

  • Jargon buster

A resource for those in property, helping them cut through the hype around buzzwords or technical terms. A short and sharp glossary and cheat sheet to help grasp basic concepts.

  • Market mapping

Helping readers visualise and understand the scope of the proptech market. Who is adopting technology and why? What are the benefits, which decision-makers in your organisation should be involved?

  • Buyer’s story

Telling the story of early adopters in the transformation of property. How and why did they decide to adopt and what has been the outcome

  • Multimedia

PlaceTech loves video and podcast. Thought-leadership debates, product demonstrations and building tours, video and podcasts offer a strong engagement platform on which to get involved and reach our audience around the US, UK and rest of the world.

  • Data stories

How can today’s new breed of analytics suppliers help property companies navigate emerging trends in the market to make better decisions? Using source data from innovative platforms to tell property stories that will futureproof assets.

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