Laptop code

Jargon buster | What is an API?

What does real estate have to know about APIs? Caspar Mølholt Kjellberg of startup Hococo shares a beginner's guide to why software in your building relies on them.

Dominic Hordern

The changing role of…lawyers

Lawyers need to learn product development skills to make the most of the potential for tech to change their services, according to Dominic Hordern, head of asset management in the real estate team at international law firm Mills & Reeve.

HqO Leesman

Inside HqO’s Leesman acquisition


Karl Tomusk

PlaceTech speaks to CEOs Chase Garbarino and Tim Oldman about the deal that brought the two together, how the combined business fills a gap in what tenants and landlords need – and Tom Cruise's relevance to what they offer

Busy high street Glasgow

Has remote work re-defined retail in cities?


Karl Tomusk

City centres face a “bumpy” road in adapting to hybrid working, as retail spend remains a quarter below 2019 levels in large urban areas, according to Centre for Cities.

Cloud backup

Jargon buster | The edge vs the cloud

Any tech platform you come across will eventually talk about data either in the cloud or the edge. Chris Carson, CEO of smart traffic enforcement startup Hayden AI, breaks down the uses, benefits and risks of both.