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ONE MONTH TO GO | PlaceTech Prize deadline nears

Property and tech businesses have just one month left to enter the PlaceTech Prize 2019, for a chance at high-profile recognition as real estate game-changers, as we celebrate innovation at its best in the industry.

Changing Role Of Lawyers

The changing role of…lawyers


Nicola Byrne

Law firms are increasingly under pressure from clients to reduce fees and improve efficiency. As more data becomes available, and technologies muscle in to offer alternatives to various legal processes, how are lawyers adapting to stay relevant and retain clients?

Transport Planners Main

The changing role of…transport planners


Nicola Byrne

With the rise of new mobility services, driverless vehicles and big data, transport planners are having to learn new skills in order to provide flexibility for the future.

EE 5G Launch

5G gathers pace in UK as EE launches first network


Nicola Byrne

The mobile network provider has won the race to become the first 5G operator, switching on superfast mobile services in parts of London, Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, and Birmingham.

Share your views

Help shape property’s roadmap: share your insight

Tech is moving faster than a lot of industries can keep up - but why has real estate been so slow to disrupt and change? What route does property need to take in order to act on the unprecedented opportunities to engage in innovation?

William Priest Geospatial Commission

Industry calls for clarity on geospatial data


Paul Unger

More than 150 organisations including Knight Frank, Atkins, Deloitte, Jacobs and Costain have expressed their concerns about the current value and relevance of geographic information, such as addresses and maps on titles, to the government’s UK Geospatial Commission.